Moving sale – All must be gone by April 30th!

Hi there, thank you for stopping by! I hope at least one of these stuff would catch your eyes 🙂 Everything is clean and in very good conditions. We don’t have pets and don’t smoke. Prices are negotiable.

* A discount of $5 per item for the second item you buy.

* We can be reached via cell phone: 734-730-3229 (call me Ann) or my email address: anhtrinh at (yes, it’s Ymail, not Gmail)

JCREW STRIPE BALLET FLAT WITH BOW – $45: Jcrew. Made in Italy. Brand new (with tag on sole). Size 7.5; cotton upper, leather lining, rubber sole. 1 inch hidden heel, so you aren’t actually wearing “flats” 🙂

Jcrew bow stripe flat

Aren’t these cute and classy? I bought these Jcrew flats last summer in NYC. It broke my heart that they don’t fit me. Their size is 7.5 but feels like 7 to me 😦 I kept them for a week, debating whether to return, then lost my receipts when moving back to Michigan. I still love them so much and wish they would fit me. Prices: original at $135. I bought it on sale: $90. Now: $45! (Note: you may see the black marks on the sole, they’re just the stripes of the fabric. The shoes are never worn outdoor)

COUCH – $15: Multi-colored couch. Length: 80-inches (2m). SOLD

SOLD –>SLEEPER SOFA – $25 Sofa bed in blue (with tiny flowers): can be opened into a queen bed. Blanket is not included. All are clean and in very good conditions. No smoke, no pets.


Couch and sleeper sofa

SOLD –> COFFEE TABLE IN HARD WOOD – $25: Light yellow; hard wood; carved with strings of flowers along the edges; Square shape: 37 x 37 inches (96 x 96cm); Height: 15.5 inches (39cm). Shown with couch- $15: 80-inches (2m) long.

Coffee table in hard wood

SOLD –> DINING TABLE WITH 4 WHEELED CHAIRS, EXTENDABLE TO SEAT 8 PERSONS! – $60. Color: light yellow; 4 cushion chairs have wheels at feet. The table is photographed in their smallest size. It comes with 2 pieces for extension, which extends it to 2 different, longer sizes, seating 6 to 8 persons comfortably! (picture of its extension is at lower right corner). Width 41 inches (104cm); Length 61.4 inches (156cm) can be extended to 82 inches (2.1m) or 106 inches (2.7m); Height: 30 inches (75cm). Price: $60 for the whole set (they are $+300 at Artvan!)

Dining table with 4 chairs

Desk 1 (white, in upper pictures) – $15: comes with a matching, removable pinboard; has 1 shelf underneath; 24.5 inches x 40 inches (62cm x 102cm); height: 30 inches (75cm). SOLD SOLD –> Chair 1 (black, next to the white desk) – $5: with mesh on the back – great in hot weather TALL BOOKSHELVES – $10 (left to brown desk) – $10 <– SOLD

DESK 2 (brown, in lower pictures) – $15: has 1 shelf underneath, comes with a matching, separate bookshelf; 72 inches x 119 inches (72cm x 119cm); height: 27 inches (68cm); bookshelves: 47 inches x 12.5 inches (119cm x 31cm). CHAIR 2 (green) – $5: green color, lightweight but very sturdy. 




Why this and who am I?

My name is Anh Trinh. I started this blog in late 2012, purely for a pretty lame reason: I needed an account to post my comments on some blogs I was following, one of which is (which is very fascinating to MBA hopefuls, by the way!)

And yes, I am a healthcare person, who have spent her whole academic and career years in healthcare until one of her boring days as an MBA partner, she thought “I want an MBA!”. So as choosing this username, I thought I would also blog about my journey as a nontraditional applicant aiming to get in at a top-10 MBA program. However, getting such an admission is no way an easy-breezy game to me. Work and things have become hectic – I ended up never blogging until after things are almost said and done now. I will likely enroll at Tuck – Dartmouth College this August, if Wharton and MIT would not take me off of their damning wait-lists. And my husband is graduating from Ross Business School in 2 weeks. We are leaving Ann Arbor!

This blog is officially started today (April 18th), as a place for our moving sale 🙂 So, my apologies if its name has misled you.

Anyway, thanks a lot for checking this out